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Why You Should Consider Marble Countertops
06 February 2019

Why You Should Consider Marble Countertops

There aren't many materials that can compare to the spectacular beauty of polished marble. And, the good news is you have many options for this finish in your home such as utilizing marble countertops. The timeless elegance of this stone offers classic beauty with function built to last. If you're wondering about countertops, continue reading to learn why you should consider marble.

Marble Is Resistance to heat

One major reason marble is an excellent choice for a kitchen countertop is its resistance to heat. Whether cooking or baking, often you need a reliable counter to place your dishes. Naturally, things can quickly overheat in the kitchen so it helps to have a counter that always stays cool. Marble will not catch fire or burn. This is why many bakers prefer marble countertops.

Marble Has Many Colors To Choose From

Depending on where the stone was mined, it can vary greatly in color and unique striations. The colors range from white to black and red, pink, or beige. As a result, you get a truly unique look for your countertop. Famous sculptor Michelangelo used white Carrara marble for his designs.

As you can see, Michelangelo's sculptures have lasted throughout the centuries. And, with the many hues, you will get a timeless elegance that matches any decor. Marble is truly something that can't be replicated.

Marble Is Durable

Many of the buildings of ancient Rome were constructed using white marble. Thankfully, we can still marvel at their beauty and architectural design. Other famous landmarks made from marble include the Lincoln Memorial, the Taj Mahal, and the Parthenon. If marble is good enough for those landmarks, it should be good enough to use as a countertop.

To learn more about Marble, see our Marble by Francini Inc. Collection, or if you have additional questions, get in touch with us today. Our experts would love to talk to you!


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