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The Best Surface for Unusually Shaped Projects
12 July 2019

The Best Surface for Unusually Shaped Projects

If you are looking for the best surface to use for unusually shaped or large projects, our collection of FORTE porcelain is a complete game changer! It is the best surface choice because it is fully customizable and can be cut into any shape. It also offers a unique, beautiful character compared to typical tile, backsplash, and other countertop options.

What Is FORTE Porcelain?

FORTE porcelain is a completely versatile surface application that can be cut into any shape or size to fit your project seamlessly. It is strong and beautiful and ranges from stone-inspired designs to sleek and modern designs. FORTE porcelain is currently available in several color options and we always have more coming.

Why Is FORTE Porcelain the Best Choice?

FORTE porcelain is lightweight and strong. Since it is an engineered surface created with extreme pressure and temperature, it is dense and has a minimal absorption rate making it very durable. It is perfectly suited for extreme weather and therefore, your choices for application are endless. It is also easy to transport, install and handle. Designability is furthered with ink jet glazes which can be used to mimic marble.

What Are Some Uses for FORTE Porcelain?

FORTE porcelain is suitable for just about anything you can conjure, and it offers a stunning alternative to tile. To only mention a few ideas, consider using FORTE porcelain for:

  • Custom staircases
  • Interior and exterior floors
  • Bathroom and kitchen countertops
  • Backsplashes
  • Residential or commercial wall cladding
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Boat and RV Interiors
  • Hospitality and wellness centers

FORTE porcelain is beautiful, strong, and versatile. It is easy to care for and provides infinite usability. The largest size available is 63" x 126" offering a lot of freedom to trim to any size and shape needed for your project. Contact our experts to view our slab gallery and learn more. We have the experience and service to support you with any size project.


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