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Holiday Kitchen Prep
10 December 2018

Holiday Kitchen Prep

How to Get Your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays

It's that time of year already. If you cook a lot, you know what we are referring to! It's time to get your kitchen ready for the onslaught of holiday cooking that is about to occur. Whether you're a pro, or this is your first attempt, here's a quick list of things that you can do to get your kitchen ready.


Of course, you already keep your kitchen clean, but this is a perfect time to deep clean appliances and to make sure the plates or fancy silverware you only use occasionally are ready to shine. You’ll also want to clean counter-tops and dust the walls, cabinets and ceiling. Having a clean kitchen will allow you to focus on enjoying all the fun of cooking.

Inventory Supplies

While you are cleaning, toss out any expired food items that may have been buried in the pantry or refrigerator. Take stock of everything that you have on hand. Make note of anything that you will need to buy so it will be there and ready when you need it. Planning this in advance can greatly reduce stress.


You don't have to buy all of the food that you will need in advance, but you can stock up on the basics. Baking supplies, spices, and frozen-food items are all appropriate to buy early. This will help reduce the items you’ll need to remember later so you can focus on the big items closer to the day of celebration.


While you're cleaning dishes, think about any entertaining that you may be planning. You may need to buy a few items, especially if something has been broken.


Do you have enough napkins and tablecloths? If so, now is the perfect opportunity to clean them so that they are ready to use.

Basic Supplies

Remember to set yourself up with plenty of paper and cleaning supplies.

Prepare for fun

Make a list, stock your kitchen, and prepare for the fun!


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