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What Type of Surface is Best For Each Room In My House?
06 February 2020

What Type of Surface is Best For Each Room In My House?

Whether you're an interior designer, architect, or a homeowner, it's important to know which types of stones and surfaces are most durable and/or elegant for each area of a house. It is nice to have authentic types of stone and porcelain in your home due to the long-lasting nature and overall look stone may bring. In case you need a little help to understand what the perfect surface type for your kitchen, bathroom, or fireplace, might be, we’ve compiled the following recommendations:


LUCASTONE™ can be used for countertops, tile floors, and other interior surfaces. One of our favorite rooms for LUCASTONE™ is in the bathroom. There is nothing better than a luxury bathroom to intensify your comfort. Stone sinks or floors that include LUCASTONE™ can complete remake and bring the look of your bathroom up to date. It is the most durable option for the bathroom in your home so it is used quite frequently.


The crystallized stone that seems to be used in homes the most, and has been trending for centuries is marble. Marble is great surface because it's naturally beautiful and has a high thermal conductivity so it draws heat away quickly and does not hold heat. This property makes marble a wonderful choice for kitchens, restaurants, and patisseries. Other than its ability to keep food fresh like no other stone, marble can make you feel more excited and happy in the kitchen due to it's bright and roomy feel.

FORTE Porcelain

If you have a fireplace and want to be able to use it for long periods of time without something happening to the surface, the best choice you could make would be to install FORTE porcelain. FORTE is durable and long-lasting, but the reason why it's best for a fireplace is the minimalistic look it can give to a living room or patio.


Travertine is a soft and porous stone in its natural state, which is why it is best for places like around a pool where water is made to appear clear and fresh. Like marble, this stone can make areas of a house look beautiful, and brings a luxury look to a place where guests may be. Because this stone isn't harsh, another place it fits best could be the room in a house where guests can come and feel relaxed. Travertine can make the room look most spacious and open compared to other tiled floors, but isn't too bright or industrial.

Can’t Decide Where to Start?

Francini Inc. is an importer and supplier of each of these surfaces as well as many other surfaces including: Granite, FORTE Porcelain, Soapstone and Limestone. Our website features a variety of products offering a perfect match of texture, style, and durability that will fit your interior design needs. Please contact us today or visit one of our many slab galleries throughout the United States, to find the material that's right for the room in your house.


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