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Upgrade Your Bathroom For Under 1K
21 June 2016

Upgrade Your Bathroom For Under 1K

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Other than the kitchen, the bathroom is the main room that potential homebuyers will consider when making an offer on your home. If they see outdated wallpaper and mildewed hardware that has seen better days, they will probably walk. Even if you do not have a large renovation budget, you can do a lot with just a thousand dollars.

Color Me Modern:

One of the cheapest ways to breathe new life into any room is with a fresh coat of paint. For the most part, wallpaper and border are passé. With some vinegar, a putty knife, and a little elbow grease, you can strip old wallpaper and border in an afternoon. Then, paint the bathroom a pretty neutral color that complements other elements in the room. Neutral colors make your bathroom look airy and bigger. According to the brand, most quality paints can be had for as little as $25 a gallon. It should only take one gallon to paint most standard -size bathrooms.

Counter Tops and Backsplashes

Of course, we would all love to replace our bathroom countertops with lush granite or quartz. However, these materials are quite expensive. You can get the look of higher-end countertops with a laminate. The good thing about laminate is that it is cheaper and easier for care. Choose a neutral color that will look good with your vanity. To make your bathroom pop, you may consider adding a tile backsplash. You can choose either iconic mosaic or subway tile.

Tub and Shower Replacement

Nothing makes a bathroom look worse than an old dingy tub and shower. If you cannot afford to replace them, you can give them a good scrubbing and maybe consider refurbishing them. There are special epoxy paints that you can resurface your tub/shower and make them look new again.

A Regal Throne

One of the easiest and cheapest things to replace in your bathroom is the toilet. You can purchase a quality porcelain toilet for under $150 dollars. Today’s toilets pay for themselves with water conservation. Potential buyers may not be as fond of your 1950s pink commode as you are.

You do not have to spend a fortune on remodeling your bathroom. With some paint and a few replaced items, you can create a special retreat that potential buyers will love. Any remodeling you do will pay for itself when you sell your home.


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