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Quartz Countertops Are Durable And Beautiful | Boise Quartz
06 July 2016

Quartz Countertops Are Durable And Beautiful | Boise Quartz

Boise Countertops | Quartz Boise

When choosing the right countertops for their kitchen renovations or remodeling, most people immediately think granite would be the most durable while laminate would be the most affordable.

Though both of those options or any other typical type of countertop would suffice, to truly make your home beautiful while remaining cost effective, quartz countertops are one of the best choices out there.

Quartz countertops come in a wide variety of styles and colors that many other counters do not offer. This allows the quartz to be adapted to any number of styles and color schemes, meaning that quartz has a lot more potential than more traditionally used stone countertops.

Quartz can even be manufactured to look like other types of more expensive stones in order to achieve a more elegant, aesthetically pleasing look. Quartz's versatility makes it the perfect choice for those who desire a kitchen that fits their own, unique styles.

While laminate is often considered to be the best option when reinventing a kitchen or bathroom countertop with regards to cost, quartz is actually much more affordable than many people think. Quartz countertops are in all reality a very smart investment; the long lifespan of quartz coupled with it's style and sustainability make it one of the most financially sound options to consider when choosing a new countertop. It may initially be more expensive than laminate or other more conventional choices, but the resulting value of the quartz countertops is well worth the price.

Quartz is described as being one of the hardest and most durable stones on Earth, making it an obvious candidate for use in kitchen countertops.

Quartz can withstand decades of wear and tear without becoming dull or damaged, making it much more reliable than granite or laminate. It is decidedly more stain resistant than laminate and even granite, meaning that though it is in fact possible for the quartz to be stained, it is a much more difficult feat.

Rather than having to change the laminate countertops every few years due to heavy staining and damage, consumers can install a beautiful quartz countertop that will retain its pristine look for several years to come.

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