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Running out of dinner ideas?
05 September 2016

Running out of dinner ideas?

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In this hectic world where hours feel like minutes and meal planning is daunting, you may find it difficult to keep the meals that you serve exciting and healthy. Be happy to know there is something you can do to make your job easy and please the family you love. Use the suggestions below.

Have a Family Discussion

Get together with your family and ask them what their favorite foods are. Find out what dishes they like and what single foods they favor. Also ask them about foods, spices, and herbs they do not like. Have a memo pad by your side so you can take notes.

Search for New Fast-Meal Recipes

With the list of foods your family likes and dislikes nearby, leaf through magazines that feature easy-to-fix fast meal recipes that include the foods your family loves. Cut them out and save them for when you have to time to give them a try.

If some of the recipes you find include foods and spices your family hates and it’s possible to eliminate them without drastically changing the recipe, save those recipes. Search for more recipes on the internet.

Test, Cook, and Freeze

Cook food in large batches and freeze it. This is a great way to save time and have dinner waiting for the hungry family running to the table. Of course, before making large quantities of any new dish, make just enough for one meal to see if it’s a hit.

If your family members give it a thumbs up, make several individual portions and freeze them. Individual portions will allow you to please Billy’s palette with the lasagna he loves and Sally’s taste buds with chicken cacciatore. You can also purchase a variety of their favorite ready-made-meals from a restaurant and freeze them.

Using the ideas mentioned above should make everybody happy. The strategy described can ensure everyone gets a satisfying meal. Simply ask each family member what they would like to eat on any particular night, then thaw it out and heat it up later.


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