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Francini Provides The Source For Stunning Quartz In Boise
03 August 2012

Francini Provides The Source For Stunning Quartz In Boise

Natural stone contractors and manufacturers base their operations where deposits of stone occur naturally, and superior quartz in Boise draws top professionals in the decorating and contracting trades. We have chosen to open our main facility in Boise, Idaho, to reach an incomparable resource of elegant clear and smoky quartz. We import the finest stone from all over the world for discriminating homeowners, decorators and contractors. Each unique stone surface creates a unique template for exquisite decorating that turns ordinary homes into masterpieces of artistic expression.

Quartz Offers Versatility, Permanence and Extraordinary Value

Natural stone guides our business in much the same way celebrated sculptors find their subjects within the heart of the stone and attempt to free the statue for others to see. Each slab has distinctive characteristics that guide its use. No two pieces of stone ever look the same, and quartz offers an astonishing array of colors.

Our quartz countertops offer unparalleled advantages over other types of minerals or man-made materials.

Natural colors of the stone match any home decor.
Quartz captures the eye by brilliantly reflecting light. The finest room designs always feature central focal points to draw attention. Quartz countertops meet this criterion with extraordinary style.
We import the best stone for your needs from our tremendous resources worldwide because we design each project with custom care and attention to detail.
The incomparable beauty of quartz matches its superior function. Quartz countertops need little maintenance since they resist water, scratching, and stains.
The nonporous surface of this polished crystal prevents absorption of food and bacteria, making your countertops safe for family members.

Beauty, Practicality and Eco-Friendly

All natural stone products have environmental benefits over manmade materials. You can create bathrooms, kitchens, mantles, and artistic accessories that not only astonish friends and guests but also reduce your carbon footprint. We use only the most careful extraction techniques to protect the stone and environment at our quarry operations.

We take our reputation seriously as one of the largest stone dealers in the Pacific Region of the United States. We chose to open our main office in Sun Valley, California, but we also have operations in Salt Lake City, Utah; Boise, Idaho; and Indio, California. Our factory in Carrara, Italy, yields exquisite Carrara marble, stone slab, and tile. We also have satellite offices in Brazil, India, and Italy to find the finest stone for our clients. Consumers seeing quartz in Boise will find some of the most breathtaking stone in the world. We lovingly trim and polish these pieces to create functional art out of your home.


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