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Introducing Vetrite
01 November 2017

Introducing Vetrite

Vetrite is a new addition to the Francini Inc inventory line. Vetrite consists of large format glass panels that are combined with fabric and polymeric film to offer a product that fits more of the needs of our customers, having many applications possible throughout your home.


Potential applications for Vetrite include in furniture, counters, doors, and even lighting. While it is a collection designed to meet all of your goals, including those that are aesthetic, technical, and environmental, it is still a form of decorative art. To do this, it is available in various types of textures, patterns, and color palettes. The material is able to be crafted in varying thicknesses, which makes it even more versatile than other materials you might consider using in your building or remodeling endeavors. This offers you the opportunity to consider cladding with style that hasn't been previously available.


While these glass slabs have been designed to withstand a lot of what you might throw at them, they are still in fact glass. This can have slight drawbacks in that they must still be treated more carefully than other building materials that have a little more stamina in common applications. They can also be more expensive to fix or replace if somethings does eventually happen to them. This can be tricky, too, because of the fact that multiple slabs will be used and you'll want them all to match if you do end up having to replace one or two for any reason.


Pricing and availability of these slabs tends to vary based on geographic location, so it's best to contact your local dealer to get this type of information. In general, this type of glass panel will be more pricey than other materials.


Keeping these glass panels clean can take specific types of care. You don't want to scratch the glass, and therefore you must be careful when touching it up after periods of use. Don't use any harsh rubbing devices that might scratch the surface; this type of damage is often permanent and can diminish the look and feel you were initially striving for when deciding to use Vetrite in the first place. At most you should use a soft bristle brush when cleaning the glass.

Also avoid using harsh chemicals that might damage the sheen of the glass. A lot of home remedies can be made very easily with things like vinegar mixed with water. Consider this to not only protect the glass, but also the grout used to hold the panels together. It's also important to ensure that you clear the cleaning solutions completely after you have finished. Leaving anything on the glass can cause unsightly streaking that can be increasingly difficult to remove after it has been there for a longer period of time.

Overall, Vetrite  is a wonderful choice if you're willing to pay a little more and to care for it more than you might normally think about with other options.

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