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Kitchen and Bath Countertop Thickness
04 March 2018

Kitchen and Bath Countertop Thickness

When you are selecting counter tops for your kitchen or bath, there is more to consider beyond the obvious aspects of color and durability. For a more detail-oriented approach to the subtleties of counters, consider the thickness of the top.

What to Consider in Selecting Thickness

Regional Style

Granite is a natural stone slab cut from the earth, and the thickness is typically dependent on how easy it is to fabricate the material and transport it from exotic quarries all over the world to your house. The region that you live in has certain design trends as well—New England, for instance, typically leans towards granite slabs that are 1-1/4” to 1-1/2” thick, while it is not uncommon in more Southern regions (or Europe) to see ¾’ to 1” thick.


If you select a durable stone (usually a darker color, but ask your local designer for details), cracking should not be a big concern. Lighter colors, also known as “sand stones,” may be more prone to damage during shipping or if subjected to a blow. You may want to go with a thicker counter to avoid damage, but these tend to cost more.


Quartz Vs. Granite

Quartz shares many of the properties of granite, being 93% stone and 7% binder and sealer. The engineered nature of the product allows it to be fabricated to stronger specifications. Quartz can be made in varying thicknesses, and can be used in thinner sheets without sacrificing durability. If you prefer the more modern look of a slim slab, or are on a tighter budget but are anxious about a cracking counter, quartz may be a good option for you.

Whatever your vision for your kitchen or bath, if stone is on your wish list, it is a good idea to consider the seemingly small matter of slab thickness. Substantial or slim, there are design and durability considerations that will alter the look of your finished product.

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