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Waterfall Kitchen Countertops and Islands
12 May 2020

Waterfall Kitchen Countertops and Islands

If a sleek, modern look is what you love, you'll want to consider a waterfall countertop in your kitchen remodels. This hot new trend is appearing everywhere from magazines to online blogs, and it's no surprise - this elegant addition takes a simple countertop to a whole new level. If you're considering a waterfall countertop, you may have some questions.

What Is A Waterfall Countertop?

A waterfall countertop is created by using the stone of the countertop to extend vertically down to the ground instead of stopping at the edge of the counter. This can be done at the end of any countertop but is typically used on kitchen islands. The seamless transition from horizontal countertop to vertical waterfall draws your attention to a focal point and connects the countertop to the flooring.

Why Are Waterfall Countertops Popular?

The main reason waterfall countertops have become so popular is simply how attractive they are. Stone countertops are naturally gorgeous, so using the same stone to drop down to the floor is much more appealing than standard cabinet siding. Sophisticated kitchens can be elevated to new heights in one swoop of stone. However, this contemporary trend isn't solely based on looks. It can also be functional - hiding appliances and protecting your cabinetry. Stone is a naturally extremely durable material, and kitchens are notorious for spills and accidents. Covering unsightly or easily damaged appliances and cabinetry with glamorous stone adds functional beauty to your kitchen.

What Material Should You Use for A Waterfall Countertop?

Designers have used many different types of materials for waterfall countertops, from stone to wood to concrete. Look online to get inspiration and choose the material that works best with the design style you already have in your kitchen, as well as what is most important to you in a workspace.

“Combine the beauty of nature with the durability of science" by using LUCASTONE on your waterfall island. Offered in a variety of colors and patterns, this quartz stone is not only beautiful, it is low maintenance and scratch-resistant. However, it can scorch if hot pots and pans are placed directly on the surface.
Quartzite and Granite
If your kitchen receives a lot of traffic from your family or you enjoy entertaining, quartzite and granite are great surfaces to consider. Both stones are extremely durable and heat resistant. Since they are both naturally occuring stones, you’ll also be able to appreciate their unique beauty as one-of-a-kind works of art by mother nature!
FORTE Porcelain
Another option that is heat-resistant, lightweight, waterproof, and scratch and fire-resistant is FORTE Porcelain. Offered in multiple designs, including marble, stone, and cement inspired patterns, FORTE porcelain would be an especially smart choice if you have an unusually shaped countertop or island because it is fully customizable.

Can’t Decide Where to Start?

The kitchen is the new living room - it is the heart of your home. Investing in design trends you love, and using quality materials, ensures it will be a place you love to spend time for years to come. Whether you're a natural hostess or prefer to spend quality time alone with your family, Francini wants to help you create the kitchen of your dreams that best suits your lifestyle.

Francini Inc. is an importer and supplier of a variety of stone surfaces including Granite, FORTE Porcelain, Soapstone, and Limestone. Our website features a variety of products offering a perfect match of texture, style, and durability that will fit your interior design needs. Please contact us today or visit one of our many slab galleries throughout the United States, to find the material that's right for the room in your house.


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