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The Journey of Our Natural Stones to You
10 June 2020

The Journey of Our Natural Stones to You

Have you ever wondered where your natural stone materials come from? Natural stone has been known for its beauty and elegance for centuries. Societies like Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome used natural stone to construct some of the most famous and beautiful structures known to man. From the Great Pyramids of Egypt to the Taj Mahal in India or the Colosseum in Rome, all of these buildings were made from natural stone mined from quarries just like the natural stone you find at Francini Inc.

Natural Stone is Mined from Our Quarries

Although there are quarries all around the world, the journey of Francini Inc.'s beautiful natural stones starts specifically in India, Italy, and Brazil. Here, they are mined straight out of the earth in quarries using high-tech automated drilling systems which help extract the finest quality of natural stone. This technology helps maintain the beautiful grain patterns you see in elegant natural stones like marble and granite.

Our Purchasing Office Selects the Best Natural Stones

Once the natural stones are mined, our purchasing offices in Brazil, India, and Italy carefully source the finest natural stones they can find. By having purchasing offices at the main source of the natural stone, we ensure that we only buy the best stones possible to sell to our customers. Although our natural stones differ in their country of origin, characteristics all our natural stones share is their high quality and timeless beauty.

Polishing Natural Stone in Its Native Country

Once the natural stones are purchased, they are finished (polished, sanded, and buffed to give them a beautiful finishing which will accentuate their natural beauty and elegance) in their country of origin. At each site, we make sure that every slab of natural stone we sell meets our high standards of quality and beauty-ensuring that we only sell you the finest natural stones available. 

The Journey of Our Natural Stones to You

Containers of Natural Stone Are Shipped to Francini Slab Galleries

After our natural stones are perfected in their country of origin, they are carefully packed into a shipping container and shipped across the oceans to the United States. In their safe and carefully packed shipping container, the natural stone slabs are then shipped across the United States to one of Francini Inc.'s many locations to be purchased by our amazing customers.

Why Francini is Your Best Choice

With decades of experience providing our customers with the finest of natural stone available, we at Francini Inc. pride ourselves in making sure our natural stone is of the highest quality and beauty just for you. Furthermore, our international offices provide our customers with a wide catalog of natural stones from a variety of countries-so whether it is Granite, Marble, Soapstone, Limestone, or Travertine you are looking for, Francini will only provide you with the most beautiful and elegant handpicked natural stones. If you want to learn more about our timelessly beautiful natural stone collections, contact us today to schedule a virtual tour of our extensive slab collection and find out exactly why we are one of the most trusted names in the natural stone industry.


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