Soapstone is a metamorphic rock composed of talc, quartz, and various other minerals, created when the subduction of tectonic plates causes a dramatic shift in heat and pressure. Our soapstone pieces usually range from light to dark grey tones. Its characteristic veining gives soapstone a classic yet dynamic look. This stone is optimal for kitchen and bathroom countertops, backsplash, sinks, floors, and fireplaces…though the possibilities are endless!

Soapstone is naturally durable, an exceptional choice for just about any surface in your home. Its non-porous qualities make it heat and stain resistant as well as relatively low maintenance, which is ideal for countertops and sinks. For use as a floor surface, soapstone is appealing because it does not get slippery when wet. It is even naturally warmer underfoot than other stones, a very appealing benefit for use in cold-weather areas.

We invite you to come see our collection of soapstone pieces in person, where we will help you choose a piece to enhance your home!

Smoke Soapstone, Brazil

Smoke Soapstone, Brazil

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