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Calacatta Oro Premium Stone slab offered by Francini, Inc.

Announcing our Diamante Collection by Francini Forte

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Diamante Collection by Francini Forte

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Francini Inc. has hundreds of different varieties of natural stone in stock at any one time. Our specialists hand-pick materials daily, evaluating and approving the color and quality of each selection. Leading the industry in Price, Quality, Service, Delivery. We top them all...

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FORTE countertop installation in a home
FORTE slab offered by Francini, Inc.

Innovation is our FORTE


Our Large Format Porcelain slab collection presents a design solution with no limitations. Francini FORTE is inspired by Forte Dei Marmi, Italy where our company’s history begins and features unparalleled designs by the world’s foremost marble experts who passion for stone runs deep.
Innovation is our FORTE.


Forte translates to strong in Italian and is the perfect definition of our porcelain collection. Strength without sacrificing the finished design medium. Our FORTE Collection is made with high quality materials combined with state-of-the-art technology. What does this mean? We can provide a building material with a low carbon footprint that is 100% natural. Sustainability is important to us at Francini, and our porcelain collection is manufactured under strict environmental guidelines that ensure low emission levels, water recycling, reuse of processing residues and reduction in energy consumption.

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Pergamino Vetrite Grey countertop installation in a home
Pergamino Grey Vetrite slab offered by Francini, Inc.

Sleek & Elegant

Francini Inc. proudly presents Vetrite by SICIS. Vetrite provides the freedom to think about cladding without any kind of constraint in style. It is pure, strong, and versatile for all design styles in an infinite range of applications, from furniture and counters to doors and lighting. Get in touch with Francini Inc. today to learn more about the Vetrite collection.

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Scarlet Crystal exotic marble slab
Scarlet Crystal exotic marble slab offered by Francini, Inc.

Elevate with Exotics

Our Exotics Stone Collection features unique and rare natural stones from around the world. Every stone in this collection is a work of art, distinctive, precious, and unequivocally one of a kind! Life is meant to be bold, and your design choices should reflect that. Choose an Exotic stone from Francini Inc.

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