Translucent Stone Slabs

If you’ve been searching for a new and exciting way to bring some much needed drama and ambiance to your home or business, look no further than the unforgettable beauty of the translucent stone. Classified as an “exotic,” stone, these slabs are rare, exceptionally attractive, and highly versatile for any style.

We here at Francini Inc. are delighted to share what makes translucent stones such an impeccable piece of decor. We are proud to stock some of the finest quality slabs on the market, which are sourced from quarries and manufacturers around the globe, including Brazil, India, and Italy.

There truly is nothing like enhancing the charm of your home, office, restaurant, or other space with the unforgettable design and elegance of a natural or engineered stone.

What is Translucent Stone?

Translucent stones are not a specific variety of stone, but instead, a stone that possesses certain mineral properties and can easily have wavelengths of light pass through it. Once backlit, the stunning natural patterns can be viewed more dramatically.

What is Translucent Stone?

How is Translucent Stone Used?

The best way to enjoy the striking beauty of a translucent stone slab is by backlighting the piece. Once installed on the wall, as a countertop, or in any number of ways, the stone creates a one-of-a-kind lighting fixture. The dramatic appearance can give any kitchen, bar, office, restaurant, or patio an ambiance of luxury and class.

How is a Translucent Slab Backlit?

Before the stone is installed, professionals must install the lights under your stone slab. The types of lights can vary but are typically LEDs due to their proven longevity. The lights are carefully placed and secured to ensure they're hidden from view, and your stones will then be attached on top. Even though the stones are securely installed, the lights below can still be accessed if an issue occurs.

What are the Different Types of Translucent Stones?

No two translucent stone slabs will ever be the same. The slabs are 100% unique, like snowflakes, thanks to the beauty of mother nature. They can come from larger blocks of quartzite, marble, onyx, granite, or exotic stones.

While each slab of translucent stone is singular in its design, you can find different versions with desired qualities, like particular colors, veining, or textures. Browse our stone selections online or head into your nearest Francini showroom to find the newest addition to your decor.

Are Translucent Stone Slabs Rare?

Are Translucent Stone Slabs Rare?

Translucent slabs are rare in that all slabs will look different. They're a product that must be viewed in person or virtually to decide the exact slab you would like to purchase. This rarity is part of their allure and what makes them so stunning in a space. Since they're cut from natural stone, each slab will have its unique look, texture, and color variations.

Are Translucent Slabs Expensive?

Due to their rarity and luxurious appearance, translucent stone slabs are one of the more expensive materials at Francini. The ambiance and beauty they bring to any space is worth every penny and can greatly enhance the value of your property.

Does Translucent Stone Add Value to a Home or Property?

Adding translucent stone slabs into your space can greatly enhance the value of your property. This is an investment worth considering if you plan to sell your property. This addition should be considered in the price during an appraisal, as it can add significant value to your home or commercial space.

Where Can Translucent Stones Be Used?

Here are some ideas for incorporating them into your space:


Translucent stones can be used in many areas around the house, including kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and outdoor spaces like patios. A backlit translucent stone backsplash in a kitchen can create a stunning focal point. A translucent stone shower wall in a bathroom can add a touch of luxury.

A translucent stone fireplace surround can provide a warm, inviting ambiance in a living room. In an outdoor space, a backlit translucent stone wall can create a relaxing atmosphere for entertaining guests or simply enjoying the beauty of nature.


Translucent stones can also be used in commercial settings like offices. A backlit translucent stone feature wall in a reception area can make a bold statement and create a welcoming atmosphere for clients and employees alike. In a conference room, a translucent stone tabletop can add an elegant touch to meetings.


There is almost no space on Earth that can’t be enhanced by the beauty of a translucent stone, restaurants being by far one of the most striking places to have one installed. Use them to light up a dark and moody bar top, give your guests a sense of intimacy and privacy from other patrons, or use it to wow anyone who steps inside your establishment.


It’s important for your hotel to make a lasting impression on all of its guests, and not much will do it better than the inclusion of a translucent stone in the interior design. Use it as a backdrop for the check-in counter, elevate the ambiance of a private suit, or as a piece of art in the lobby for guests to marvel and mingle around.

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Are Translucent Stones Easy to Maintain?

With a little care and attention, a translucent slab is easy to maintain, and should stay pristine for many, many years.

Consider the following advice when caring for your stone:

  • Do not place hot items on the stone without some sort of protective barrier, like a trivet or hot pad.
  • Avoid using harsh household cleaners that contain acids or ammonia, which can damage the surface of the slab.
  • Never use steel wool or other abrasive materials to clean the stone.
  • Use a towel with mild soap and water to clean any messes, but be sure the towel is no more than damp as too much water can seep into the surface and cause damage.
  • Wipe up spills as quickly as possible to prevent staining.
  • Ask your Francini representative for the necessary care instructions for your specific type of translucent stone.
  • Ask how often the stone's surface should be resealed. This will help to protect it from stains and other damage.

Following these simple maintenance tips, you can keep your translucent stone looking beautiful for years.

Are Translucent Stones Easy to Maintain?

Where Can You Find Translucent Stone Slabs?

Francini Inc. is proud to offer a stone shopping experience unlike any other. If you’re in the mood to shop solo, simply let us know and we’d be happy to let you wander our rows of stunning stones. Guests can also expect live demos of the many different applications of our stones to help get your creative juices flowing.

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