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LUCASTONE™ Evolution Collection by Francini Inc.

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LUCASTONE™ Evolution

Quartz surfacing is known for its variety of color options, durability, and low maintenance appeal. Many of our customers choose LUCASTONE™ Evolution for its consistency and uniformity that you don’t always get with natural stone; it is often used to compliment natural stone as well. Our selection ranges from vivid colors to more simple neutrals.

Engineered Stone

LUCASTONE™ Evolution is a line of engineered stone that combines the beauty of nature with the durability of science.

Colors & Designs

At Francini Inc, not only do we have the premier selection of colors and designs, LUCASTONE™ Evolution line gives us the ability to further customize your design project.

The Stronger Stone

LUCASTONE™ Evolution surfacing is extremely solid and non-porous, characterized by its resistance to scratching and staining, and its overall durability.

Your All Inclusive Source

All LUCASTONE™ Evolution products are in compliance with the NSF standards for surfaces used in medical, laboratory and food-preparation facilities.

Experience the beauty of nature with the durability of science.

Please note, material composition may vary by color.

Eco Series

Francini Inc. - Quartz Pearl
Francini Inc. - White Quartz Silver White
Francini Inc. - Frost White Quartz Frost White
Francini Inc - Urban Urban Grey
Francini Inc - Slate Quartz Slate

Natural Series

Francini Inc - Boulevard Matte Quartz Boulevard
Francini Inc - Cascade Quartz Cascade
Francini Inc - Greystone Quartz Greystone
Francini Inc - Metropolitan Matte Quartz Metropolitan

Revive Series

Francini Inc - Cityscape Quartz Carbon Grey
Francini Inc - Gun Metal Quartz Linen

Modern Series

Francini Inc - Cityscape Quartz Cityscape
Francini Inc - Arctic White Quartz Arctic White

Marmo Series

Francini Inc - Venatino Extra Quartz Venatino Extra
Francini Inc - Illusion Quartz Illusion
Francini Inc - Illusion Matte Quartz Illusion Matte
Francini Inc - Calacatta Bettolli Quartz Calacatta Bettolli
Francini Inc - Calacatta Venato Quartz Calacatta Venato
Francini Inc - Calacatta Nuovo Quartz Calacatta Nuovo
Francini Inc - Calacatta Tuscany Quartz Calacatta Tuscany
Francini Inc - Statuario Quartz Statuario
Francini Inc - Valencia Quartz Valencia
Francini Inc - Valencia Matte Quartz Valencia Matte
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LUCASTONE™ - Limited Edition

These colors are not in our regular stock program, but provide a great opportunity for commercial projects, residential remodels, and other cost conscious projects. Contact a location nearest you for current availability.

Francini Inc. - Quartz Alpine
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Aluminum
Francini Inc. - Quartz Bolivia
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Bianco Ibiza
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Bianco Perla
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Bracken
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Calacatta Avorio
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Calacatta Extra
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Calacatta Oro
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Carrara
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Coffee
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Crema Marfil
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Deep Grey
Francini Inc. - Quartz Delicato
Francini Inc. - Quartz Denali
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Diamond White
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Duna Dorata
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Espresso
Francini Inc. - Quartz Floral White
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Gold Coast
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Gris Imperial
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Gun Metal
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Hawaiian Sand
Francini Inc. - Quartz Leather
Francini Inc. -  Quartz London Fog
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Maize
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Marron Imperial
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Negro Imperial
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Nuvolato
Francini Inc. - Quartz Orinoco
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Patagonia
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Platinum
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Rocky Point
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Rosso
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Serengeti
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Stellar White
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Superlative
Francini Inc. -  Quartz Taupe

ce quartz certification   nsf quartz certification  greenguard quartz certification

LUCASTONE™ Evolution Care & Maintenance

LUCASTONE™ Evolution surfaces are very easy to clean and maintain. We recommend a sponge or paper towel with a mild liquid dish soap and water for basic daily cleaning. Our products are virtually maintenance free and require very little attention. As a non-porous, stain-resistant product, there is no need to seal your quartz surface. It will remain as beautiful as the day it was installed, throughout the years.