Limestone by Francini Inc.

Explore the Francini Inc limestone collection, ranging from smooth, granular-textured pieces to grainy, crystalline-textured pieces.

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Cheateau Creme Limestone - Francini Inc. Chateau Creme
Jerusalem Gold Limestone - Francini Inc. Jerusalem Gold
Rosal Clairo Limestone - Francini Inc. Rosal Clairo
Seagrass Limestone - Francini Inc. Seagrass

Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed from mineral fragments and organic materials that have bonded over millions of years in Earth’s bedrock. It is primarily composed of calcite which gives limestone its characteristic streaking, though variations of other elements usually present in limestone such as aragonite, clay, silica, quartz, sand, or coral add to its distinctive characteristics.

Francini’s collection of limestone ranges from smooth, granular textured pieces to pieces with more of a grainy, crystalline texture. Limestone is known for its extraordinary calcite streaks, fossils and shell formations, honeycomb formations, and its striking array of natural coloring, from black and steely grey to warm, earthy browns and reds. We recommend this stone for indoor uses such as countertops, floors, wall coverings, tub and shower surrounds, and vanities.

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