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Why We Love Marble Bathrooms
07 August 2018

Why We Love Marble Bathrooms

Who doesn’t love a beautiful marble bathroom? Marble has been used in bathrooms for many years and continues to be a favorite for many people. At Francini Inc, we feel that marble can accommodate many tastes and compliment any home.

Classic Style

Marble has been used in home décor for thousands of years and shows no sign of discontinued use. As this material is incorporated into interior design, it represents a classic style that evolves with time, adding a touch of sophistication to the space it’s placed. Furthermore, marble is subtle, yet bold, making its presence timeless and captivating.

Variety of Options

When marble is chosen to be added to a home, buyers tend to choose it because of the variety of options available. There are several colors and patterns that it comes in so that virtually all tastes can be satisfied, and either light or dark marble can be used to contrast the rest of the bathroom for a vibrant effect.

Depending on the layout of the bathroom, marble in tile or slab form will work best. Tile gives more of an intricate feel while slabs offer a grandeur effect.

You can create a focal part of a room by keeping the use of marble in one area. For example, in a bathroom, it can be used for the sink, in the shower, on the floor, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Versatile/Easy to Accent

Another favorite feature of marble is the ability to match different metals to it. If someone wishes to accent the bathroom with rose gold or silver decorations, it’s simple to do given the way the way that marble is designed. Additionally, it can serve as calm décor when a pop of color is added.

Our designers know that marble stands the test of time and will always be a welcomed addition to bathroom decoration.


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