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January 2023
Whether you're creating a new-built home or remodeling your kitchen, stone slabs provide a tremendous variety of benefits (especially for specialty projects). As a leader in high-quality stone slabs, we at Francini can tell you about what the most popular stone options in Denver are.
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March 2022
Leigh Ann Raines is the founder and principal designer of the full-service boutique interior design firm, Chic By Design, based in Winston-Salem, NC. Leigh Ann shares the process she undertakes when selecting stone.
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November 2021
At Francini Inc., we have a variety of natural and engineered stone slabs ready to be fabricated into beautiful countertops. Across the nation, quartzite is becoming a popular feature in kitchens. It's no surprise that our customers are more frequently asking if we stock quartzite in our slab galleries.
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May 2020
When investing in something as important as countertops, we all want to feel certain that we are making an informed choice. It is safe to say that we all agree quartz is beautiful. In fact, it happens to be one of the most popular countertop choices out there, but is quartz the same as quartzite?
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February 2020
Translucent stone is prized for its ability to allow light to pass through, bringing a beautiful, natural, warm glow to any space. Backlit translucent stone slabs create stunning surfaces that are sure to draw attention of everyone in a room. To learn more about translucent stone, read this blog!
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December 2019
Translucent Stones are a feature that's all but guaranteed to stand out & amaze. What sets translucent stone apart is its capacity to enhance the presence of those layers of color so that they almost appear to have been brought to life. To learn more about translucent stone, read this Francini blog!
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October 2019
Translucent stone slabs, such as quartzite, are certainly stunning, so it's no surprise that people are attracted to them. When someone chooses to utilize quartzite or another translucent stone slab, they do so to WOW others and create a unique effect using translucent stone. Learn more at Francini!
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August 2019
Underlighting & backlighting translucent stone slabs is a great way to highlight the natural beautiful qualities of the material by showcasing its veining, playing with colors & enhancing the view of the stones’ layers and depth. To learn more about backlighting your stone, read this Francini blog!
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