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March 2022
Leigh Ann Raines is the founder and principal designer of the full-service boutique interior design firm, Chic By Design, based in Winston-Salem, NC. Leigh Ann shares the process she undertakes when selecting stone.
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July 2021
Capitol Design Group specializes in creating extraordinary spaces and ideal work environments. Over the past decade tile has been a staple in the design industry. Whether you’re upgrading your space or starting from scratch, here are a few porcelain design trends to consider for your next project.
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May 2021
High-quality stone products (natural or engineered) create a stunning presence in any room. Suppose you're an interior designer, builder, or homeowner in Colorado. In that case, you now have local access to natural and engineered stone product countertops from one of the top importers and distributors in the industry.
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February 2021
Finding the perfect stone for your project in Denver, CO, can be challenging if you don't know the characteristics of different natural and engineered stones. Read on to learn more about how the team at our Denver Francini Inc. showroom can provide information and recommendations to ensure you get the stone product you need for your dream project!
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November 2020
FORTE Porcelain is increasingly gaining popularity due to its numerous applications. It is a versatile and fully customizable engineered surface that is featured in a variety of colors. This fantastic product is, therefore, suitable for any project you might have in mind.
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October 2020
The value of housing in Boise has been soaring ever upward over the past couple of years, with a 17.56% increase in sale price compared to last year. Take advantage of current trends and further increase the value of your home or business by adding high-quality stone.
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September 2020
Denver has become a trendy place to live, work, and play. Its population has increased by over 22% in the last ten years. New residents are moving in, starting businesses, and enjoying a wide range of entertainment venues.
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July 2020
Francini Incorporated is known for the quality of product and service, and now you can find that same attention to detail online with Francini Incorporated's Online Inventory. Our Online Inventory lets you search our vast inventory of stone to find precisely what you're looking for in the comfort of your home.
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FORTE Porcelain is an excellent choice when creating bathroom fixtures for your modern home. Known for its elegance, FORTE Porcelain has quickly become a popular option for countertops, fireplace facades, feature walls, and so much more.
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February 2020
Whether you're an interior designer, architect, or a homeowner, it's important to know which types of stones & surfaces are most durable and/or elegant for each area of a house. In case you need help to understand what the perfect surface type for your next project is, we've compiled a list for you!
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