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October 2020
Vetrite by SICIS is an engineered surface with a balance between durability and visual appeal. Vetrite is made with a combination of glass and fabric. Created by placing stretched fabric between two glass pieces and bonding them together using a polymer lamination process, Vetrite is the best combination of form and function.
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The value of housing in Boise has been soaring ever upward over the past couple of years, with a 17.56% increase in sale price compared to last year. Take advantage of current trends and further increase the value of your home or business by adding high-quality stone.
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March 2020
Since 1994, Francini Inc. has become a leader in stone importing & distribution thanks to generations of experience & dedication to great quality. Our offices are located in Colorado, North Carolina, Utah, & Idaho. Contact your nearest Francini Inc. location for more information on our selections!
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October 2019
Whether you are planning is to sell your home soon or enjoy new renovations, certain projects will completely change an outdated space for the better. One incredible way to improve your home is to install new countertops. Learn more about the best ways to upgrade your home with this Francini blog!
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August 2019
When it comes to high-quality natural surfaces, you want the ideal blend to be balanced between durability & beauty. You also want the right mix of form & function. Vetrite provides all of this with the added bonus of a more exotic aesthetic. Read more to learn about Vetritie at Francini Inc.!
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May 2019
We are eager to help all our customers find the stone or material that best matches their needs and aides them in creating the perfect look. We are happy to show you our selection and help you pick the right fit. We have a few tips for when you visit, so you get the most out of your experience.
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Are you interested in a surface material that can transform your residence or commercial building with an avant-garde aesthetic? The answer is our collection of Vetrite, exclusively distributed by Francini, Inc. It is a composite product made up of large format glass panels combined with fabric and polymeric film.
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November 2017
Vetrite is a new addition to the Francini Inc inventory line. Vetrite consists of large format glass panels that are combined with fabric and polymeric film to offer a product that fits more of the needs of our customers, having many applications possible throughout your home.
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