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November 2023
I'm Katrina Morris, founder and principal designer of Katrina & Co., an interior design firm and lifestyle brand nestled in the charming city of Wilmington, North Carolina. We are not your average interior design and I’m thrilled to share a little of our design story with you. 
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October 2023
When embarking on the journey of designing a space, the goal is clear: to manifest a living environment that harmoniously mirrors your personality and lifestyle. Beyond mere aesthetics, a truly well-designed space seamlessly blends functionality and uniqueness, catering to your distinct needs.
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September 2023
Capitol Design Group specializes in creating extraordinary spaces and ideal work environments. Over the past decade tile has been a staple in the design industry. Whether you’re upgrading your space or starting from scratch, here are a few porcelain design trends to consider for your next project.
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August 2023
For this complete bathroom makeover, Coton House designed a space that was reminiscent of their client’s European travels. In those travels, they loved the richness and relaxation those bathrooms offered. To evoke those feelings, they set out to create a soothing spa-like oasis. To achieve this serenity, the incorporation of natural materials such as beautifully veined porcelain and wood-looking tile was used to tie everything together. The flooring was adorned with beautiful, warm-tone...
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July 2023
Today’s design trends aren’t just fluff. Designers are getting more creative than ever to give homeowners functional spaces that work for them. Homeowners can look at online resources, magazines, and Instagram all day and find countless design options, but they still need to have help narrowing down what they can afford and ultimately, what will make the biggest impact on the function of their space.
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June 2023
Tawnee Palmer has been in the interior design industry for over 24 years. If you count the years as a child, constantly rearranging the furniture in her house, driving her mother crazy, you could say she has been in the industry for her whole life.
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May 2023
When I was a young designer I imagined myself an “impresario of inspiration,” or like a sorcerer pulling together all sorts of design inspirations, fabrics, eras, references, materials. I did not, however, imagine myself as a rigid Miss Trunchbull-type, slapping wrists and insisting that we stick to the plan.
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April 2023
Casual Elegance Designs is a full-service luxury design studio passionate about creating homes that clients love to live in. Through an intimate and collaborative process, we enhance our clients lives by designing highly customized spaces that marry their essence with our expertise in inspiring and unexpected ways. Casual Elegance Designs does not have a particular aesthetic, instead we rely on making sure the aesthetic is the client’s aesthetic. We half jokingly tell clients that we enter t...
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March 2023
Co-founders Jobi Vannini and Laura Kunze have over twenty-five years of combined interior design and leadership experience. Their solid foundation of second generation family history in homebuilding and construction management has inspired their high level of integrity and core values,
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February 2023
Tammie Coffey is an award-winning Interior Designer at Renaissance Remodeling, one of the leading design-build home remodeling companies in Boise, Idaho. From French Country to Urban Modern and every interior design style in between, Tammie brings her passion, imagination, and expertise to every project to create spaces that are luxurious and functional for homeowners. Tammie’s mission is to dig deep to learn the genuine wants and needs of her clients so she can turn their dream home remodel in...
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