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December 2021
Granite has taken over the market with its high popularity as the chosen material for countertops in the kitchen. There are two popular finishes for the stone: leathered and polished.
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January 2021
At Francini Inc., we're excited to announce we're launching 2021 off right with a newly redesigned website! We've poured hours into the aesthetic design and backend coding to assure our website visitors a better experience that's easier to navigate, better organized, and continues to offer high-quality, educational blogs.
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October 2020
Every architect, interior designer, or homeowner that comes to Francini Incorporated leaves with a smile. Our natural and engineered stone products are high-quality and suitable for any project you may have, and our customer service is a cut above our competitors. Read along to understand why a Francini Inc. experience matters.
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August 2020
Picking stone materials for a home or business property is an involved task. You want to select something that will look great and fit your overall design. In addition, you’ll want to find a stone that meets your maintenance and durability needs.
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July 2020
Francini Incorporated is known for the quality of product and service, and now you can find that same attention to detail online with Francini Incorporated's Online Inventory. Our Online Inventory lets you search our vast inventory of stone to find precisely what you're looking for in the comfort of your home.
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March 2020
Since 1994, Francini Inc. has become a leader in stone importing & distribution thanks to generations of experience & dedication to great quality. Our offices are located in Colorado, North Carolina, Utah, & Idaho. Contact your nearest Francini Inc. location for more information on our selections!
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November 2019
Countertop material for your home or business should enhance the atmosphere of a room & be durable. That's exactly the balance you can strike with quartz countertops & other accents from Francini Inc. Learn more about Francini's Quartz materials & how you can add them to your home or business!
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Natural stone is a diverse building material that occurs in a range of stunning options. As importers & distributors, we stand by our stone selection as being one of the best, customizable choices for your renovation project. Natural stone is a beautiful material that is ideal for any home project.
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August 2019
When it comes to high-quality natural surfaces, you want the ideal blend to be balanced between durability & beauty. You also want the right mix of form & function. Vetrite provides all of this with the added bonus of a more exotic aesthetic. Read more to learn about Vetritie at Francini Inc.!
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May 2018
You spend a lot of time in your kitchen. It's where you prep meals, eat dinner, relax, and more. It's the place where you can unwind at the end of the day. Your kitchen is essentially the backbone of your house. Without it, your house just wouldn't be complete.
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