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Matching your Kitchen Counter Top and Backsplash
14 August 2018

Matching your Kitchen Counter Top and Backsplash

Finding a backsplash to go with their counter top is sometimes a vexing task for some homeowners. For others, there’s no problem: the backsplash and the counter top are made from one piece of material. This is usually seen in solid surface counter tops. But other people don’t want the backsplash and counter to match so exactly. Here are some secrets to finding the perfect backsplash for any counter top:

The Countertop

The countertop inevitably takes up more real estate in the kitchen than the backsplash, so many designers say it should be bought first. Indeed, many homeowners base the entire decor of their kitchen on their countertop.

Buying the countertop first does narrow the options when it comes to the backsplash, but this is a good thing. The colors, textures and patterns of some backsplashes can be extravagant, and they can be challenging to match with a countertop.

Choosing the Backsplash

Since the real job of the backsplash is to protect the wall behind the counter, a lot of homeowners don’t particularly care if it’s eye-catching. A nice backsplash of white subway tile goes with just about any type of countertop. Homeowners also want backsplashes that are easy to clean and don’t show dirt. But others want a backsplash that does draw the eye and is an attractive component of the kitchen’s overall look.

One good idea is to take a square of the countertop material to a big box store or the outfit of a tiler or stone mason. These places often have professionals to help the homeowner choose the right backsplash for the counter.

The other rule of matching a backsplash and counter top is that they should not fight with each other. If the homeowner opts for a boldly-colored backsplash or one made of unusual materials such as colored glass or metal and has it cover the entire wall behind the counter, the counter should not be equally audacious.


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