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Popular Granite Edges and How It Can Change The Look Of Your Granite Countertops
18 March 2019

Popular Granite Edges and How It Can Change The Look Of Your Granite Countertops

When you have chosen granite, the most popular material, for your dream kitchen or bathroom, you may think that making the choice of the patterns and color ends the decision-making process and will complete the perfect design for your room. However, the countertop edge profile is often overlooked, and it does affect the beauty, efficiency, style, aesthetic appeal, practicality, durability, ease of maintenance of the granite, and how it all complements the rest of your home decor and design.

Granite is an igneous stone that is formed through volcanic material under the Earth’s surface or through liquid magma that has solidified and cooled. During formation, mineral liquids and gases penetrate the stone and create various colors.

Granite’s durability and hardness make it optimal for heavy-duty uses in countertops, vanities, flooring, and even outdoor uses. Granite can last for generations because it is the second-hardest stone available and is not affected by knife cuts, hot pots, or household acids. Although naturally porous, granite countertops come already sealed.

Types of Granite Edges

You can choose from numerous countertop edge styles including contemporary, elegant, rustic, natural, luxurious, classic, decorative, sophisticated, straight edge, a rounded bottom, curved, or others that are practical and attractive.

Sharp angle edges may let the outline of the countertops stand out. Straight edges are not really sharp; the corners are rounded in order to protect the stone from damage and to prevent injuries.

Rounded edges have a softer look and add a more airy feel to a small space. More importantly, accidental contact with a rounded edge, especially by children, will not result in an injury and will more easily allow a person to slide through a narrow space.

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