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The Most Popular Countertop Surface Isn't What You Think It Is
25 March 2019

The Most Popular Countertop Surface Isn't What You Think It Is

Granite and Quartz countertops are considered top of the line in quality. They are both preferable to potential homeowners over laminate or ceramic countertops. Less chemicals and petroleum products are now being requested by builders and clients. When natural is an issue, granite beats quartz hands down.

Quartz vs. Granite


While quartz is made up of stone, the manufacturing process is quite different than that of granite. Quartz uses crushed rock and resin to make beautiful countertops. There are many colors and finishes that can be used to deliver an even lustrous look. Color pigments can be added to create shades that match different styles and colors of cabinets and flooring.


On the other hand, granite is completely natural. There are no resins, chemicals or dyes that add to the unique display of granite. Cut from a chunk of stone, the only addition is a sealant to protect the surface. Different parts of the world deliver an amazing contrast of characteristics from trace materials. Flecks and swirls make each piece original in design. Africa offers a unique gold encrusted stone while Spain and Iran offer a light natural texture and appearance. Brazil has the widest selection of natural colors.

Make the Right Decision For Your Countertops

Having the look of a stone countertop is a very popular choice among new home buyers and those remodeling their kitchens. However, engineered quartz is beginning to lose its appeal in a green world. While quartz can deliver vibrant colors, granite uses only stone that is in its original appearance. This feature brings an exotic and everlasting presence to those looking for green living.

While quartz was the popular choice in the past decade, granite is moving in for a more desirable natural feel to homeowners. Non-porous and resistant to moisture, granite will last as long as your home with finite beauty.


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