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How Granite Can Make Your Backyard Into A Private Retreat
05 April 2019

How Granite Can Make Your Backyard Into A Private Retreat

With summer coming up quickly, we all dream of a relaxing place to spend beautiful summer evenings by ourselves or with the people we love most. One of the best ways to achieve this idyllic dream is by creating an outdoor kitchen in the backyard. It makes entertaining friends and family an even more wonderful experience as your meal and backyard entertaining become one joyous experience without having to be stuck inside while preparing the meal. It is like having a summer barbeque, but with much greater flexibility with what food you cook.

If you want to create an outdoor kitchen to help turn your backyard into a private retreat, here is how granite is an excellent choice to help you make that a reality.

Why You Should Use Granite For Your Outdoor Kitchen

A great way to use granite to turn your backyard into a private retreat is creating an outdoor kitchen. Granite is a great choice for outdoor kitchens, especially countertops, for a variety of reasons.

Granite is Durable

Firstly, granite is an incredibly durable stone surface. This already makes granite a great choice as a kitchen surface, as it is not affected by hot pots, knife cuts, or other standard kitchen wear and tear. While granite is naturally porous, sealing them helps preserve the integrity of the stone and is fast, easy, and often done by your installer. After that, reseal your countertops every one to two years.

Granite is Heat-Resistant

Adding to granite’s durability and use for outdoor kitchens is the stone’s natural heat resistance. Due to how granite is formed under the earth’s crust with the help of extreme heat, it does not naturally react to heat, and therefore is safe to use hot pans and other cooking implements on directly without worry of damaging your outdoor kitchen countertops.

Granite is Stain-Resistant

Granite is also largely stain-resistant so long as it has been sealed properly and that sealer remains in-tact through yearly re-application. With a proper seal intact, you should not see stains or discoloration on your outdoor kitchen’s granite surfaces. Prolonged contact with water might leave a dark spot on your granite surfaces, but this should go away as the granite dries and is not something you need to worry about.


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