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Three Major Design Trends for Slabs in 2019
24 June 2019

Three Major Design Trends for Slabs in 2019

When browsing through Francini’s extensive selection of high-quality stones and engineered materials, it always pays to know the trends, especially if you’re aiming for a modern look. For that reason, we’ll cover some of the hottest looks of 2019 and what they offer; not just the aesthetics of your project, but their functional benefits as well. Right now, honed and leather surfaces, stone, and eco-friendly materials are all the rage. But why? And how do you use them?

Honed and Leather Surfaces

More and more designers are considering not just the aesthetic variety to be found in household surfaces, but the tactile differences as well. As such, the texture is being implemented through honed and leather surfaces. These surfaces can be applied to granite, marble, quartz, and other smooth surfaces.

A honed finish offers a matte surface, less shiny than a polish, while a leathered finish has a softer sheen and a more granular texture to the surface that also helps natural stone and marble better hide marks like fingerprints. Polish is still the most popular finish choice right now, but these two are fast growing in popularity.

Stone Countertops, Backsplashes, and Shelves

Stone has always been a part of quality design. For one, it offers softer, neutral tones that are fitting more in line with minimalist trends and casual styles that are timeless. Natural stone also offers durability so long as it receives proper stone care. Besides offering an investment advantage, this also makes it more attractive to those who edge towards eco-friendly design in the home. We’ll cover that more closely in a bit.

Quartz countertops are also enjoying the same popularity of stone. While not quite the same in texture or appearance, quartz designs can mimic stone without a need for much maintenance. The choice between stone and quartz all comes down to style vs. features.

Eco-Friendly Design

The importance of eco-friendliness continues to grow amongst property owners and interior designs alike. As well as a shifting trend towards longer-lasting materials like stone and quartz, there’s also a growing emphasis on how safe and healthy the materials are for humans and their surrounding environment.

So, beyond long lifespans, designers are looking for GreenGuard certified materials that aren’t going to slowly emit chemicals and particles that can worsen air quality in the home. Another factor growing more important is how the material is manufactured or harvested. Cradle to Cradle Certification ensures that materials are produced ethically, based on categories such as sustainability of source materials and the resources used for production.

Learn More from our Marble and Stone Experts

Few understand stone and marble like our experienced team at Francini Inc. We are always on hand to help you select materials that best fit your needs and the look that you’re aiming for. Get in touch, browse our collection, and benefit from some expert advice by visiting one of our eight galleries nationwide.


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