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What is it Like to Live With Marble?
10 September 2019

What is it Like to Live With Marble?

Walk into any luxury home, and you'll likely find marble. It's in the bathroom, the kitchen, and sometimes throughout the rest of the house.

There's a reason people choose marble at the first opportunity - owning it and living with it is genuinely an extraordinary experience.

Your Marble Countertop Is Unique

Marble is a natural product. Because of this, no two marble countertops are the same. The marble surface in your kitchen or bathroom is the product of eons of geological time where rock is slowly crushed and compressed under high heat to create something beautiful, elegant, and unique.

When you choose a marble countertop, you're also choosing to participate in the great history of the material. People have been using marble for hundreds of years because of its unique properties. Marble has exceptionally high conductivity. The rock can retain its coolness for longer than practically any other kitchen surface, making it ideal for patisseries, bakeries and restaurant owners wanting the best possible solution for their operations.

Marble surfaces were used throughout history to develop the culinary traditions that we enjoy today. When you choose marble, you're not just getting an upgrade for your countertop, you're tapping into long and cherished traditions. With a marble countertop, nothing is stopping you from emulating the artisans of old and create the most beautiful recipes for your family and guests. Marble is a gateway to becoming a genuine aficionado of the kitchen, letting you recreate state-of-the-art preparation methods from times past.

Your Marble Countertop Elevates Your Entire Kitchen

Your kitchen is at the center of family life. It's something that you use every day, whether it's to prepare meals, grab a snack, or to hang out with the people you love. While new cabinetry or floorings can have an impact on the way that your kitchen feels, nothing really compares to the installation of a new marble countertop. It's great for preparing food, but its impact goes well beyond this. A marble countertop helps to make your kitchen feel like a completely different space.

If you haven't experienced the joy of owning a marble countertop, then it's hard to communicate what you're missing out on. Marble becomes more than something merely functional. It's artistic in its own right, but it also brings out the best in both you and your home. It's a unique and distinctive material that transcends interior design fads and can last for hundreds of years.

The quintessential countertop material. Is it time that you installed marble it in your kitchen?


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