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Translucent Stone, Bring Your Stone to Life!
11 December 2019

Translucent Stone, Bring Your Stone to Life!

Of all the brilliant varieties of stone slabs, there are, translucent stones offer an appearance unlike any other. They're a feature that's all but guaranteed to stand out and amaze. Thanks to the elegant blend of lines and colors stone tile is known for, most slabs are already beautiful enough to complement nearly any concept you have in mind. What sets translucent stone apart is its capacity to enhance the presence of those layers of color so that they almost appear to have been brought to life. It makes a pleasantly dramatic addition for nearly any design space whether it's a home, office, patio, or otherwise.

Decorative & Dependable

Stone surfaces of all kinds serve the dual purpose of both thematic decoration and practical use. The same can be said of translucent stone, though its applications are simultaneously more specialized and more versatile. Like most forms of slab, it's quite durable. You can expect it to last for quite a long time without wearing away or showing any obvious signs of damage. Even if used regularly as a surface for kitchen utensils, work materials, keepsakes, or anything else that might cause other surfaces to lose their brightness over time, stone surfaces can be depended on to remain unspoiled for years to come.

Translucent stones have this advantage as well as any other stone feature, but they're also more than just a thematic feature. They're a defining feature that contributes to the ambiance of the entire space.

Lighting translucent stone

Brilliance That Stands Out

Setting the mood of any space is as important to the decor as any centerpiece. The fantastic thing about translucent stone is that it has the capacity to perform as both a form of ambiance and an eye-catching primary feature. Combined with the right lighting and cohesive design to back it up, you can transform nearly any concept into something profoundly more exciting.

The right location and application can enhance the brilliance even further. Translucent stones set against the outside of a fireplace, for example, is one way to show off their luminosity with pristine grandeur. Of course, you can use nearly any kind of light that's sufficiently bright enough to make them stand out. Even as countertops and bathroom vanities, a strategically placed lamp or another form of accent light can transform the mundane into something attractive.

Translucent Stone Lighting

If you're looking for something bold, opulent, and original, translucent stone may be exactly what you need. Feel free to contact us here with any questions or concerns. Our representatives will be happy to assist you in deciding how best to adorn your space!


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