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What are Bookmatched Stones?
19 September 2019

What are Bookmatched Stones?

If you're investigating how you can use stone in your home or business to stunning effect, then you've no doubt come across the idea of bookmatched stones. But what are they exactly? And how can you use them?

What Are Bookmatched Stones?

The process of bookmatching stones is where an interior designer takes two slabs of stone and places them adjacent to each other on walls so that they look like an opened book. Bookmatched stones slot together around a common edge helping to increase the opulence and impressiveness of the room as a whole. The pattern on one side mirrors that of the other.

How Are Bookmatched Stones Cut?

The process of cutting and preparing bookmatched stones is the same as regular stones, with one crucial difference.

First, a truck brings the rock from the quarry to the processing facility. It is then fed into a machine, called a gang saw, with a special blade that's strong enough to quickly and accurately cut the stone into a series of large slabs. These slabs are then laid flat and polished by automated polishing machines to reveal the finer details in the rock and remove debris.

For bookmatched stones, the polishing stage is essential. Instead of polishing randomly, we polish bookmatched stones on opposite sides. Then, when they're placed next to each other, they each reflect the other, creating a beautiful effect.

What Products On Our Website Are Available In Bookmatch?

At Francini Inc., we want to give you as many opportunities as possible to use bookmatching in your setting. That's why we offer a range of FORTE porcelain and other types of stone with bookmatch options. You can create the perfect luxury space in your property, with all of the visual effects of bookmatching.

It's worth pointing out that some stones are not suitable for bookmatching. It's best to use stones with intricate, bold patterns and strong veins. Ideally, the slabs need to have plenty of movement to create interesting visual symmetry when placed next to each other.

What you don't want are two featureless stabs. While they will technically be symmetrical, they will lack artistic appeal.

Where To Use Bookmatching

There are all kinds of places that you might consider using bookmatching.

  • Behind the bed - If you want an imposing bed head, then bookmatching is the ideal solution. Two opposing slabs of stone placed behind the bed can have a stunning visual effect.
  • On a statement wall - If you're a homeowner or business and want an impressive statement wall, then there's no better option than bookmatching. With it, you can celebrate the natural beauty of the stone, just as you would a regular work of art.
  • In the bathroom - People use bookmatching in the bathroom to create symmetrical patterns on both showers and interior walls.
  • Along staircases - Entryways are essential for setting the stage for the rest of your interiors. Using bookmatching in hallways and stairwells can create a great first impression and set the tone for what follows.
  • In the kitchen - Bookmatching works in all kinds of settings, including kitchen wall cladding and countertops.


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