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How To Increase Home Value By Tastefully Upgrading Your Counters
24 October 2019

How To Increase Home Value By Tastefully Upgrading Your Counters

There are many ways to upgrade a home. Whether the plan is to sell soon or enjoy new renovations, certain projects will completely change an outdated space for the better. One incredible way to improve your home is to install new countertops.

Show Stopper in the Kitchen

Countertops are what set the mood for the kitchen. People want eye-catching pieces that will make the space inviting and gorgeous. Finding the perfect material can be a daunting task. If cabinets are not being replaced, the new stone needs to work in an established space. If the whole kitchen is being renovated, it can be difficult to imagine how all of the new pieces will work together. However, the effort is well worth the result. Visit our blog for inspiration and tips on how to optimize your counter renovation.

A Variety of Options

Past trends indicated that granite was the end-all to high-quality countertops. While it is a wonderful option that we carry, there are a plethora of other stones that perform wonderfully. Our collections include:

Whether you desire a classic marble or granite, or possibly a more exotic vetrite, a luxury countertop will change your space. Each option is worth considering, as they will all add significant value and character to a home.

Renovating to Sell

A home is most people's biggest investment. When the time to sell comes, you want as much of an advantage as possible in your area. Countertops that are well-made, durable, and gorgeous will dramatically increase selling value. Replacing outdated counters for one of our chic options is such a relief for both homeowners who will keep their property or who plan to sell.

When picking a countertop to increase your home value, there are several factors to keep in mind. First, what is trending in your area? If renovating in an area predominantly housing young professionals, a modern look may be best. If the neighborhood is for older families, a more traditional countertop will attract most buyers.

Another important factor is what parts of the space are staying the same. Not all renovations come with an unlimited budget. A stunning countertop being the priority may mean that other aspects of the kitchen remain the same. If the cabinets, fixtures, floors, lighting and so on are not going to be changed, a countertop that flows well with the space but also changes the feel of the kitchen for the better is necessary. Finding this perfect fit can be difficult but our experienced staff at Francini can help. Check out all of our stunning collections for help visualizing what will look best in your space.

Discover The Perfect Stone to Increase your Home Value

Our stone experts will guide you to the perfect stone for your individual needs.

  • Large, nationwide inventory
  • Knowledgeable and professional staff
  • Beautiful, durable stones for any application

To learn more about Francini Inc.’s various collections, visit one of our multiple locations or contact us today.


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