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8 Tips To Organize Your Kitchen Counter Tops | Granite Boise
21 July 2016

8 Tips To Organize Your Kitchen Counter Tops | Granite Boise

Boise Countertops | Granite Boise

You can spend a LOT of money on your counter tops. Don't let them get cluttered by "stuff".

1) Make effective use of wall and under-cabinet space to de-clutter counters. Hang a magnetic knife rack on the wall above the main work area. Install an under-cabinet can opener near the sink to facilitate draining can contents and clean-up. Tea and coffee makers are also available in models that install under an upper cabinet and take advantage of wasted space.

2) It is not necessary to keep all kitchen tools in immediate reach. To reduce clutter, store specialty utensils such as a pastry blender or hamburger press in a drawer or cabinet away from the main work area.

3) For everyday necessities such as spatulas, tongs and large spoons, use attractive jars or canisters that coordinate with the counter tops. Choose ceramic, glass or other washable materials that will make it easy to clean up cooking spatters and spills.

4) Adequate illumination is a must in any kitchen. Multiple pendant lights over a long run of counter will highlight the beauty of the material as well as providing task lighting.

5) Follow the care instructions to the letter. Maintenance tasks will vary depending on the type of stone used. Ask for detailed information at the time of installation and keep written instructions with appliance manuals for future reference.

6) Always use cutting boards appropriate for the task. Even though stone counter tops are nearly indestructible, they may eventually dull your knives. Tempered glass or acrylic cutting boards are practical for all uses and let the beauty of your counter tops shine through.

7) When using counter top appliances, put a protective silicon mat or similar item under them. Bread machines, for example, often sit on black rubber feet that may leave a smudgy mark.

8) Even in the busiest area of your kitchen, make room for attractive accessories that complement your counters. Vases of flowers or bowls of bright, shiny apples will add warmth and interesting textures to the hard surfaces of your counter tops. Your kitchen should be an enjoyable place to work and to socialize. Organize and accessorize your counter top work spaces for maximum beauty as well as functionality.

When you buy your dream Granite countertops from our Francini location in Boise, Idaho...you don't want to clutter them!  Keep your counter space open so that your beautiful granite or quartz has the opportunity to shine!


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