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Throw Out Those Cuttingboards; Use Your Counter Top | Granite Boise
28 July 2016

Throw Out Those Cuttingboards; Use Your Counter Top | Granite Boise

Throw Out Those Cuttingboards; Use Your Counter Top

If you're a fan of the Food Network or the Cooking Channel, then you've likely witnessed your favorite cooking stars slicing, dicing and cutting all on their counter tops without the assistance of cutting boards. Most of us place cutting boards on our counters to protect them becoming scratched and nicked by cutting knives and other food preparation tools, so you might be wondering just how these professionals are getting away with prepping food directly on their counter tops without ruining them.

Granted, it would certainly make your life much easier if you could ditch the cutting board yourself since you would no longer have to store and wash it; instead, you could simply wipe the mess off your counter after you're done preparing food. The answer to how the pros are able to cut on their counter tops' surfaces lies within the types of counter tops that they have.


Quartz is one of the most durable types of counter tops available on the market. It laughs at knife cuts and nicks and is solid enough to withstand almost anything less than taking a sledgehammer to it. They're so durable that they're even resistant to heat, acid and staining and don't even have to be sealed because of their non-porous nature.


There are numerous counter top materials on the market, and while butcher's block and laminate don't stand up to the strain of cutting directly on their surfaces, alternative options such as granite are strong enough to resist damage from cutting. Because of this granite counter tops tend to be more expensive than some cheaper counterparts. Plus, granite counter tops even resist stains when they've bee properly sealed.

Recycled Glass

Another option is recycled glass, and this is perhaps one of the most environmentally-friendly options on the market, so consumers who are eager to contribute to the Green movement might be interested in going this route to acquire counter tops that they can cut on. Recycled glass, as its name implies, is constructed of re-purposed glass that's been finely ground. It not only is strong enough to resist cuts and nicks, but it's also perfect for giving your kitchen a modern, contemporary look.

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