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Making Your Food Look Good...Without Filters | Boise Granite
04 August 2016

Making Your Food Look Good...Without Filters | Boise Granite

We've all been there; you just cooked a great meal and the food looks absolutely phenomenal! You can't wait to share your success with the world, so you take your phone out and snap a photo to upload to social media. But have you ever taken a photo of your food that didn't come out the way you were imagining it?

Well, first, you want your presentation to be as good as you can get it. But, even if you plate your dish so perfectly it'd make Bobby Flay proud, you could end up with a less-than-perfect photo. Yup, that can happen to anyone, and the real problem is your backdrop. And no, we don't mean your filter. Filters will only mask how great your food really looks. Honestly, it's almost an insult to good food to use a filter on it. What you need is an awesome counter top.

First, you want to make sure that your kitchen and your counter top are clean. Sounds like a no-brainer, but in the heat of the moment, when your dish is fresh and hot, it's easy to overlook the spices scattered on your counters or the dirty dishes in your sink.

But, if you want a good photo that foodies around the world will rejoice in, you have to make it look presentable, and cleanliness is key. So, keep your meal nice and warm in the oven while you do a quick clean-up. Then, turn up the lighting and pose your food.

Yes, pose your food! In this case, your meal is your model. Clean up any splatter around your dish and place your utensils thoughtfully. Feel free to get artsy with your sauces! Make sure the countertop is clean and shiny.

Granite, marble, and quartz are all great countertop materials that will serve as good backdrops to your food. You definitely want that contrast between the smoothness and pattern of the countertop, and the texture and color of your food.

See? Making your food look good in photos is so easy. Just prepare your countertops and get your camera out!

You can check out your dream backdrop, like Granite countertops from our Francini location in Boise, Idaho. Come visit our showroom to see what we are talking about.  We even have a test kitchen if you want to bring us treats. :)

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