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A Kitchen Ready For Busy Families
17 October 2016

A Kitchen Ready For Busy Families

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Today's active families require kitchens that wear many different hats. For instance, they have to serve as cozy places for lazy weekend breakfasts, but during the week, they have to switch gears and become efficient feeding station for active family members rushing to get on their way to work or school. On weekend afternoons, they may be used for homework or crafts and may be the focal point of elegant dinner parties several hours later.

It's All About the Table

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the table is the heart of the kitchen. Tables hold holiday centerpieces, boxes of cereal, glasses of milk, laptops, microwave dinners, seasonal feasts, wine, candles, vases of flowers, and are the scene for celebrations and sorrows. Even small, eat-in kitchens should have the biggest tables that space permits. When it comes to family-centered kitchen, surface space matters just as much as storage space, and maybe even more if you live in an urban area where weekly or even daily shopping is an easy possibility.

If you have the room, an old-school farmhouse table should be a central fixture in your kitchen and dining area. Breakfast bars are also excellent additions to family kitchen spaces.

Storage Matters

Even if you go to the store every day for fresh fruits and vegetables, those with active families should store as many staples as possible. Always keep pancake mix, packages of hot chocolate, pasta, frozen vegetables, spices, canned goods, and anything else on hand that allows you to whip up a quick meal on the spur of the moment. Even if you don't have a separate pantry, you can still fill a designated cupboard and freezer space with commonly used items to prevent inconvenient, last minute dashes to the store.

Fuss-Free Flooring

Nonslip, non-glare, easy maintenance flooring is essential in family friendly kitchens. Choose stain resistant tiles in neutral colors.

Keep in mind that the best kitchens are designed to evolve over time as families themselves grow and change!


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