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A Kitchen For Entertaining
08 December 2016

A Kitchen For Entertaining

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Entertaining has the connotation of showing hospitality, offering pleasure and enjoyment to make others feel at home. The kitchen, often referred to as the heart of a person’s home is the focal point of the house where loved ones and friends gather cherishing memories, laughter, and delectable delights to savor. What simple ideas can make your kitchen entertainment ready to deliver that warm hospitable atmosphere for your guests?


“Planning, Preparing, and Organizing the Essentials”

Plan your menu and invite your guest a month ahead. Four easy tips are, order the meat from your butcher in advance, buy root vegetables from the market a week before, restock all staples, including cooking spices and herbs, and contemplate what you will serve your guests the morning after.

Clean out and organize the drawers and cupboards, assessing all your cookware, dishes, and home decor, making sure to prepare your appliances by checking your oven’s temperature with a thermometer, and take time to clean your dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator.

Prepare to serve holiday staples such as, cheese and crackers, cocktail shrimp, frozen appetizers, dips, quiches, and roasted nuts, stocking up on beer, wine, liquors, and mixers, as well as non-alcoholic apple cider.


“Add a Touch of Seasonal Flair”

Accent your kitchen featuring a thematic snowflake design, setting the table with linens and glasses to match, and decorating the kitchen’s windows with artificial snow frost, creating a winter wonderland. Make one kitchen corner for serving espresso and cappuccino, displaying beautifully designed demitasse cups and spoons. The kitchen banquette can serve as the guests’ kids’ station to decorate homemade treats, like marshmallow snowman lollipops and powered covered pecan and walnut snowballs.

The holidays are upon us and it is time for your kitchen once again to host all the festivities that the season brings. Entertaining is no small task so it requires advance preparation. For you to be the perfect host requires some forethought but with a little anticipated foresight you can prep your kitchen in a way that delivers the most hospitable environment in which your guests may feel at home and may never want to leave.




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