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What's Your Kitchen Style?
02 February 2017

What's Your Kitchen Style?

If asked to name the most important room in your home, how would you answer? It's not uncommon to find that "kitchen" is a popular answer to that question. After all, it's often times the first place you go upon waking, and the last before calling it a night. Whether enjoying a meal or while concocting new recipes, it's the place where memories are created.

If asked to design your ideal kitchen, where would you begin? Factors to consider in kitchen design include your personality as well as the overall style and feel of the other areas in your home. After all, if you're known to be conservative and quiet, with a penchant for Victorian style, then you probably won't want to focus on a funky, eclectic design as much as you might find yourself drawn to that style from time to time. Likewise, if your home boasts modern or contemporary appeal, then you might want leave the country-styled decor to your Great Aunt Bessie who maintains a home on a rural farm in Kansas.

Still not sure where you stand in regard to kitchen style and decor? Let's take a closer look some popular options:


Bright, bold colors and trendy designs are an obvious feature of contemporary style. Bordering on Modern design, contemporary style takes it one step further. A contemporary kitchen might feature a sleek, bright, bold colored countertop that stands out among the other items in the room. Metallic colors are also often another feature popular in contemporary design.


Now that you have an idea of what defines a contemporary style, modern should be easy to grasp. Modern decor fuses together the styles of the early to mid 20th century with the bold features of contemporary design to create a bit of a rebellious statement without overstepping boundaries. For example, one who appreciates modern decor might pair simplistic cabinetry and appliances with a sleek kitchen island featuring a stainless steel countertop.


Known to stand up to the test of time, you can't go wrong with a classic design. It's never difficult to find decor items in this category, and is a fantastic choice for those on a strict budget. Common features of a classic kitchen include marbled countertops, neutral colors and wood cabinetry.


Bringing the feel of the farmhouse into the kitchen, country design is mostly self-explanatory. Colors found in kitchens featuring country styled decor include red, yellow, black and white. It wouldn't be uncommon to see a red metal bar stool sitting at the breakfast nook, featuring solid wood countertops with bright white cabinetry gracing the walls. Oh, and let's not forget the extra-large farmhouse sink!


Whether you live oceanside, or hundreds of miles away from shore, nautical-themed decor is a great way to bring the beach to you. Ocean blue, white and pastels are popular coastal kitchen colors. Simplicity and immaculate appeal are key features in pulling off a successful beach-themed kitchen.


Take a little bit of classic, add a dash of modern and an ounce of contemporary with a heavy emphasis on funk and you'll produce an eclectic appeal that will keep people talking long after they leave your home. Eclectic style is one of the best ways to incorporate your personality into your design. Almost anything goes in an eclectic kitchen. For instance, you may want to add some stainless accents to the ornate cabinetry that's existed in your home for decades. Furthermore, the 70's style plastic fruit basket sitting atop your stunning butcher-block countertop may prove to be the perfect conversation starter.

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