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Top 5 Kitchen Trends Of 2016
01 April 2016

Top 5 Kitchen Trends Of 2016

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If you are like many homeowners, you have been thinking about updating your kitchen. However, whenever you go to a big box home improvement store, you are overwhelmed with the possibilities.

This year there are five interesting kitchen renovation trends that just might strike your fancy. From quick updates to major overhauls, check out these 5 trends that are taking 2016 by storm!

1. Cabinet renovation

You can dramatically change the appearance of your kitchen by changing up your cabinets. If you are tired of your boring old cabinets, it is time to consider swapping them out for something new, fresh and modern. While there are so many options to choose from, one that is really hot right now are shaker style. When choosing shaker style cabinets, opt for premium wood to make a serious design change in your kitchen.

2. Countertops

Just like with cabinets, countertops can get dingy, dinged and discolored with age. Right now granite, quartz and marble countertops are flying off the shelves as more people are opting for these sleek, stylish versions of the traditional countertop.

Durable and highly customizable, quartz countertops complete a wide range of kitchen styles and can turn your kitchen from drab to wow overnight. They come in more colors than ever before, making it easy to find one to match your kitchen.

3. Hardware

If your pulltabs are from the seventies, it might be time to install some new hardware. In 2016 brushed metal drawer pulls and matching hardware are very popular. They are easy to install, making a kitchen transformation happen in just a few hours.

4. Farmhouse sinks

What's old is cool again, which is why companies like Kohler are offering farmhouse sinks. These apron-front, cast-iron sinks come in a variety of colors and are pretty darn cool. You can mix retro elements with modern touches to create a kitchen that is totally unique and completely you.

5. Automation

As we turn to technology to help us with everything, so do we see it in our kitchens. You can install hands-free faucets, under-counter tablet holders for viewing recipes, even a coffee machine that connects via wifi to your phone so you can schedule an early morning brew.  Now that what's we're talking about!

Luckily, we are able to help you tremendously in the counter tops selections! Give our showroom nearest you a call, or stop by any time.  One of our highly knowledgeable customer service agents would be happy to give you a tour and answer all of your questions.

Happy Kitchen Updating!


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