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Renovating Your Restaurant
06 March 2017

Renovating Your Restaurant

Renovating your restaurant can attract new customers and increase revenue. If you’re ready to offer your diners a different or improved experience, consider renovating the space. Here’s what you should know about giving your restaurant a facelift.

Know Where to Focus Your Budget

What needs an upgrade the most? For some restauranteurs, countertop design is the area that will make the biggest difference. Consider porcelain, quartz, granite or marble countertops. Or, maybe the outdoor area needs better landscaping or a new al fresco seating area. Before you get started, make a plan. That way, you won’t have half-finished projects and a dwindling budget.

Ask Your Customers

If you’re wondering what your customers want, the quickest way to find out is to ask them! You can chat with your regulars and ask customers you don’t recognize to fill out a short survey card. You could find out something that you hadn’t even considered, like that the color scheme is unappealing or the lighting leaves something to be desired.

Renovate for Your Target Audience

In order to create the restaurant that your customers want, you need to know the demographics you want to bring in. Create a profile of your ideal customer, then design a space that’s appealing specifically to them. Figure out the demographics for your geographic area as well as the main types of customers you’re used to. Do you attract families or young professionals? Are you a late-night spot for the college crowd or a go-to date restaurant for couples? Each type of audience has specific needs and interests to cater to.

Carefully Plan Bookings

You may not want to close down during your renovation, but you’ll need to consider the atmosphere you’re offering your customers while the renovations are happening. You may need to book fewer tables while a portion of the restaurant is being worked on. The last thing you want to do is turn off guests because of noise. You may also want to find contractors who are able to work when the restaurant is closed, even if that means late nights or early mornings.

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