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Creating A Counter Top Budget For Your Restaurant
11 April 2017

Creating A Counter Top Budget For Your Restaurant

Counter tops are one of the most visibly noticeable features in your restaurant, so you understandably want them to be aesthetically pleasing. If you have decided to replace your outdated or unstylish counter tops, you need to create a budget for this expense. By following a few simple steps, you can create a realistic budget and begin allocating funds for this excellent investment.

Determine How Much Material You Need

One of the most important factors that will determine the cost of your new counter tops is the amount of material that is needed to complete the work. You may need counter top material on your bar top, your tables, your bathrooms and even in the back kitchen or other areas. You may consider using different types of materials or the same materials throughout. After you have determined where you want the material placed, schedule an appointment with a consultant to professionally measure the space. Their measurement may be different than your own because they take into account how the material needs to be cut and installed.

Think About the Impact You Want to Make

Because counter tops are so visible to your customers, they must be aesthetically pleasing. In some spaces, the counter tops should blend into the décor. In others, they should pop and have a true wow factor. By focusing on this factor, you can better determine the right material to purchase.

Focus on the Durability and Maintenance

Counter tops need to be attractive, but they also are a functional surface used for many purposes throughout each business day. Some of the most popular counter top materials include marble, quartz and granite. Each has a different level of durability to consider. For example, granite generally needs to be sealed to avoid deterioration when acidic substances are spilled on it. Take time to learn more about durability and maintenance needs to find a material that is best for your restaurant.

Research Costs

With each material type, the cost can vary based on thickness, the type and look of the material and other factors. Explore the costs in comparison to how much material you need to purchase. This final step can ensure that you set a reasonable budget for your new counter tops.

The investment of new counter tops for your restaurant can drastically improve décor, but there is a cost associated with it. Follow these steps to create a realistic budget for your new counter tops.

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