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Top 5 Reasons Quartz is so Appealing
23 May 2017

Top 5 Reasons Quartz is so Appealing

Is Quartz really for all generations? Yes. Don't buy quartz unless you want a material that is appealing to everyone. Quartz is the newest "it" material on the market. Here are the top 5 reasons that people across demographics are loving it.

1. It Looks Like Granite

Home owners that have experienced decades of styles know when they find a timeless trend. Natural stone has been in style for years, and with the new sophistication quartz offers to the market, it is no wonder it has become so popular. Quartz is in the same family as granite, so for people that are fond of granite, it offers the familiar look of a stone surface with a more modern variety of styles and finishes.

2. Younger Generations Love that it is Clean and Easy

Quartz is easier to maintain due to its nonporous nature. That means upkeep is minimal and you have more time to do what is important to you, whether that is enjoying time with your family or texting to your bff.

3. Home Buyers Want Modern Features

9 times out of 10 the homes that sell are those with modern finishes and open layouts. With this customizable material, buyers can have that fresh look they want. The right materials and striking updates make a home stand out as unique and turn-key.

4. Sellers Need Surfaces for the Current Market

Quartz often looks high-end, but can still be reasonably priced. When selling your home, looking for materials that are easy to work with and that are appealing to a variety of people is key.

5. Durability

As a solid material, quartz has a high resistance to stains and scratches. That means it lasts longer and you won't have the headache of worrying about replacing a worn-out countertop.

With all of these reasons to love Quartz, how could you not love it?

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