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Why We Love Marble
13 June 2017

Why We Love Marble

Marble is a glamorous option with an elegant appeal that has the potential to suit needs throughout your home. When considering what materials to use for your kitchen, don’t discount the availability and functionality of marble. Here are the reasons that we love marble.


Marble tile comes in vast varieties and looks elegant and updated. It can be found in gray, white, pink beige and occasionally an exotic looking green color. To ensure tiles match they should be ordered in the same batch. Since no two slabs are alike, you’ll have a unique look in your home that no one else does. The look won’t be outdated within a few years, so value will maintain when you sell your home.


Compared to other countertop types, such as granite, marble can be quite affordable. You’ll be able to get a better price if you’re willing to compromise on the design a bit instead of requiring a custom cutting that takes more labor and effort.


Marble is highly resistant to heat and can take the high temperatures in the kitchen or bathroom. You don’t need to worry about your counter being ruined by a hot pan in the kitchen or leaving a flat iron heating up in the bathroom. It is porous though and can absorb liquids faster than other materials such as granite. This requires immediate cleanup for spills and doesn’t always guarantee that there won’t be lasting damage or staining. It can also chip and scratch from knife use. This doesn’t mean you can’t use it, but it requires extra care to keep in the condition you’ll desire.

Marble has more benefits than disadvantages and is an excellent option for your kitchen upgrade. A professional sealing during installation and every few years will keep the marble in great condition for years without worrying about discoloration or quality degradation.

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