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When Did We Become Obsessed With Granite?
11 April 2016

When Did We Become Obsessed With Granite?

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Granite is a natural resource

Granite has been around as long as the Earth has, but it was not until people learned how to manufacture the rock with machinery in the 1800's that it became a mainstream product in the United States and Europe. Ancient tribes used quartz and feldspar rocks, later named granite, to build memorials for their dead. Its use was common before 1800, but the work to transform the material into a sculpture or monument was tedious and took years, sometimes decades to complete.

Granite has many uses

Currently, the Olympics has used granite for decades in the game of curling. A polished granite block is moved along the ice by sweeping around the granite to lead it towards the inner circle. The first curling stones were created from granite in 1750. Granite was used to build a headstone in the Kensai Green Cemetary in England. The Granite Railway was built in the United States in 1820. Since then, granite has been cut into sheets by hundreds of rock quarry companies who mine the rock and sell it to distributors like us, Francini Marble Inc.

Versatility, durability, and style

Counters, bathroom vanities, kitchen islands, and many other spaces are often adorned with a magnificent piece of granite. If a company can cut the granite in one big slab, then it is a huge bonus. The deeper veining where a striking color of gold or silver runs through the slab like blood vessels can often bring thousands of more dollars per square foot because of the rarity of the natural design.

Granite is now incorporated into every style of home and culture in the Western world and America. It is common to find it in moderately priced apartment rentals, RV's, condos, family homes, and luxury houses. Rock climbers even prefer to climb granite surfaces because it has the cracks and crevices that make it easy to maneuver while climbing. 

We don't foresee Granite loosing it's popularity anytime soon.  We are excited to carry an extensive selection that are equal in diversity and quality.

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