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The Beauty of FORTE Porcelain
20 September 2017

The Beauty of FORTE Porcelain

For many years, porcelain has graced the exterior and interior surfaces of various establishments beyond our homes. For architects, a porcelain touch added to any space is usually the crowning jewel and a true statement of glamour, finesse and elegance. The durability and multi-purpose nature of porcelain has propelled to the conscious of every property owner, developer and building and construction professionals. However, a new form of porcelain has come to the limelight: FORTE porcelain. Despite being a relatively new material, FORTE porcelain has already become an industry benchmark for elegant interior and exterior decoration for both residential and commercial properties.

What is FORTE Porcelain?

FORTE porcelain is increasingly gaining acceptance among many players in the building and construction industry not only for its mechanical properties but also for its aesthetic value. Also known as thin tile or thin porcelain tile (TPT), FORTE porcelain is an ultra thin tile made from porcelain. The minimal thickness and mechanical properties of this material is achieved by a lamination pressing technology that bond layers of porcelain tiles together. While lamination pressing can be achieved using rollers and heat among others, the end product is usually strong and functionally versatile. To add aesthetic value to the tile, different coloring materials are added as an overlay to give the FORTE porcelain their unique, authentic and customized look.

Why Choose FORTE Porcelain?

For any home or commercial property owner, finding a versatile material that can be used to cover almost everywhere is always a welcome reprieve. If this is the welcome reprieve that you are looking forward to then FORTE porcelain got you covered. This is because it covers literally every inch of space of the exterior and interior of your property. From kitchen tops to fireplace surroundings, ceilings, floors and wall claddings, FORTE porcelain can be used in a wide variety of places. This endlessness in application is enhanced by the ability to cut them into shapes and sizes of your choice. Their colors can be customized to suit your different surfaces.

The thermo-compression of layers of porcelain to form a single ultra thin tile makes FORTE porcelain highly durable, cost-effective and sustainable in the long run. Moreover, it also makes them fire and scratch-resistant, which can come in handy for highly trafficked areas within your property. The glossy finishing of FORTE porcelain makes them easy to clean and waterproof. They are also natural and can be recycled and reduce chances of environmental pollution.

However, since FORTE porcelain is a relatively new material the initial cost of installation might be high. This is driven primarily by the high demand for professionals in the field, cost of transportation and the materials. On average, a square meter of FORTE porcelain can cost between $4 to 12 depending on the number you ordered, thickness and customized features.

Caring for FORTE Porcelain

FORTE porcelain surfaces are easy to clean. Use nonabrasive and soft bristled broom, sponge or vacuum to clean non-stubborn stains and dust. For stubborn stains, a non-aluminum oxide cleanser and sponge is sufficient.

The benefits that come with FORTE porcelain tiles are boundless. Their versatility, mechanical properties and aesthetic value might be the magic touch that your property needs. However, like with all home improvements and installations, always be gentle while handling them especially during cleaning. It will prolong their lifespan.

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