What You Should Learn About Lucastone
18 October 2017

What You Should Learn About Lucastone

Lucastone is a trademark of Francini, Inc., filed May 13, 2016, for its brand of these engineered quartz-based stone slabs and tile that are pre-cut to size for further installation. Products include kitchen countertops and islands, backsplashes, bathroom vanities, tub surrounds, shower walls, panels, tile walls and floors, window sills, walkways, building materials, and more. The Lucastone Quartz products are also in compliance with NSF standards that are set for surfaces used in laboratory, medical, and food-preparation facilities.

Francini Inc. is one of the largest importers and distributors of engineered and natural stone products in the United States. Our Carrara, Italy, factory is the epicenter for the purchase of high-quality natural stone. We also import stone from purchasing offices in Italy, India, and Brazil. Headquartered in Sun Valley, California, we have expanded to six other U.S. locations.


What are the benefits?

Lucastone is very durable, strong, non-porous, resistant to stains and scratches, heat resistant, comes in a variety of beautiful and unusual vivid colors and patterns or simple neutrals, and is extremely easy to maintain and clean.

Purchasing specialists abroad hand-pick, evaluate, and approve the quality and color of slabs and files daily to enable an inventory of hundreds of varieties of natural stone to be in stock. In addition, out founder, Andrea Francini, having been born and raised in Massa Carrara, Italy, grew up in the white marble capitol of the world and has an eye for exotic choices. This adds striking pieces to the company's collection.


Care and Maintenance

For basic daily cleaning we recommend using a paper towel /sponge /damp cloth with a mild liquid dish soap and water. A combination of half vinegar and half water also works. Rinse thoroughly with hot water and dry using a paper towel or soft cloth.

It is not necessary to try to seal the surface or apply topical treatments as the stone will stay beautiful for years. Those type of products can wear off and could cause the sheen to appear cloudy or dull. More importantly, the use of such would void your warranty.



There is a 10 year non-transferable limited warranty when the product has been installed in an owner-occupied residential property by a Francini Certified Fabricator and is available only to the original owner.


What stone, tile, and countertop contractors do

They know what will work best to customize your design projects in the different locations within a home and can help you make the selections of the ideal materials. Such well-experienced contractors can also repair or replace surfaces that suffer cracks, chips, stains or other damage.


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