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Tips to Protect your Granite on Thanksgiving
20 November 2017

Tips to Protect your Granite on Thanksgiving

Hosting the whole family this Thanksgiving? That means many pot, pans, drinks, and dishes will be served on your granite counter tops. When all is said and done and the guests and family members have gone home, you hope your granite is no worse for the wear. You can take a few steps to avoid the need to even have to think about what they will look like.

Sealing Needed?

Most granite needs to be sealed, and every now and then, resealed. How do you know if your granite needs to be treated? You can perform a simple test. In a discreet corner of your countertop, place a couple drops of lemon juice. If the lemon juice is quickly absorbed - a minute or less, you probably need to reseal. If it does not absorb, you are good to go. If you are going to treat your granite, do so about one week before the big holiday meal.

Getting Ready

Now, your granite is ready for the arrival of family, friends, and the sharing of your Thanksgiving dinner. If you take a few more precautions, you can be sure your countertops stay in good shape. First of all, have plenty of coasters and trivets close by. While granite can actually take a great deal of heat, it is best to avoid putting a hot pot directly on the stone. The extreme temperature can damage your sealant, leaving room for stains to seep in. Also have several cutting boards placed around so that no one is tempted to chop and mince right on the stone.

Enjoying the Day

Be sure to use the coasters and put extra ones out for drinking glasses. Quickly clean up any spills to diminish the likelihood of stains developing. Once your turkey is in the oven, disinfect your granite as it is likely that some juice from the raw bird splashed somewhere on your counter tops. Use hot soapy water with no harsh chemicals.

The Aftermath

If you took proper precautions, there will not be much to do now, except enjoy your time with family and friends. General cleanup and wipe down are all you need now. Just in case some stains appeared during the festivities, make a paste of baking soda and water to clean those up. Continue to enjoy your beautiful granite counter tops for many celebrations to come.


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