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How Adding Natural Stone To Your Home Increases Value
13 November 2017

How Adding Natural Stone To Your Home Increases Value

If you are planning on a remodeling job in your home, using natural stone for your floors, countertops, and wall protection is one of the best ways to add value.

One of the primary reasons that natural stone is superior is that it consistently outperforms most surface material alternatives that you consider. A testament to their durability is evident in the Mediterranean region where ancient ruins of granite and marble decor and home building materials are still largely intact after thousands of years.

Here are some ways that you can use natural stone to add value to your home:


The classic look of granite coupled with its durability and ease of cleaning makes it a wonderful asset to the kitchen that anyone would appreciate. If you are putting new counters or an island in your kitchen, there is nothing that lends a kitchen more to entertaining than a granite slab countertop. Additionally, granite backsplashes pair beautifully with granite counters and provide wonderful wall protection that insulates as well as acts as a barrier to moisture.

For those who like to bake, the option of marble is highly attractive. Since the stone stays cool, it offers a great surface for working dough and pastry. Marble looks beautiful and is an easy surface to clean making it a highly sought-after counter top.


Combinations of granite and marble tile have been used as functional flooring throughout palaces and homes for over centuries. Historically, a marble floor in an entry way creating a mural or design through an etching has provided valuable character and charm to a home. Functionally speaking, natural stone of marble and granite are durable and easy to keep clean.


If you want to impart a classic look in your home, you don't need to clad posts that hold the ceiling up with wood. If you use marble, you will end up with a conversation piece or two that starts to put your home into a category where it becomes architecturally more worth talking about.

In addition to posts or columns, another bold idea is to use marble staircase pieces for railings and stairs. Most Italian Renaissance castles use marble on the interior, giving your home instant cachet to Medici's and Botticellis. It should also tend to give your family, friends, and neighbors a classic backdrop to their lives.

Natural stone is one of the most elegant and durable building materials available. It can withstand daily wear and when you add it to your home, you will definitely end up adding value monetarily and artistically.


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