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Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2018
01 January 2018

Top Kitchen Design Trends of 2018

The kitchen is a space where the entire family gets together. A kitchen should be both functional and stylish since we are always using this space throughout the day. Kitchens should be convenient, customized to your needs, and inviting to use for the entire family. No matter your budget, here are the biggest kitchen design trends of 2018.


Purple Tones

Purple hues in the kitchen keep a modern feel to the space. It is also fitting as a 2018 kitchen design trend since Pantone’s color of the year is Ultra Violet. Dark plum tones work very well to add a dose of purple on cabinets and backsplashes. If purple is a little too bold for you, try to accent with this fresh color using tea towels or purple table runners.


Smart Storage

Storage in the kitchen is always an issue, especially for homes with smaller kitchens. The key to a well-kept kitchen is to neatly tuck away appliances and utensils so that the kitchen’s design can take center stage. Try custom drawers with multiple tiers built in, or pull-out drawers with pre-assembled dividers. Also utilize pantry space as much as possible with storage containers and additional shelving.


Metallic Accents

Any warm metallic finish in the kitchen will be on-trend for 2018. Brass, copper and rose gold are perfect finishes for kitchen appliances and hardware. Metallic accents also pop against neutral-colored cabinetry and countertops. Try replacing cabinet knobs with metallic ones, or opting for metallic-finish appliances for less commitment.


Colorful Sinks

White farm sinks were huge in 2017, and now sinks are going in the colorful direction for 2018. Bright sink colors such as purple or green work well if you plan to keep the rest of the kitchen in neutral or white tones. Take this one step further by coordinating the sink color with the backsplash.


Kitchen Tech

The entire home is going tech for 2018, and the kitchen is next for this modern upgrade. Sensor-activated lighting, meat thermometers that connect to your smartphone, radiant floor heating and hands-free faucets are some examples of kitchen tech that are useful for the entire family. Kitchen technology is meant to make your cooking life easier and more efficient, even if you start with a simple upgrade such as a digital egg timer.



If you’re a master chef at any skill level, a commercial-grade kitchen should be a goal for 2018. Maximize the prep space for cooking by clearing counter space or even installing a kitchen island (like this beautiful marble kitchen island!) Upgrade your appliances to commercial-grade ones that can take heavy use when you’re hosting dinner parties and holidays. If budget is a concern, start with a new chef’s quality knife set or new pots and pans.


You can start with small updates and work up to a full kitchen remodel by end of 2018. A kitchen update of any size will add value to your home and comfort to your everyday life. 


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