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Kitchen Island: One Level or Two
11 February 2018

Kitchen Island: One Level or Two

Three Things to Consider When Choosing a One or Two Tiered Kitchen Island

Counter space, or food preparation space, is a very important part of any kitchen. Oftentimes, the counter space in a kitchen is very minimal, but add an island to the kitchen, and there is a great deal more functionality. However, deciding exactly what you want in an island, one level or two, can be challenging.


Space/Size of Island

The first thing to consider is space. A small island, such as only three by five feet, can add a lot of preparation space, but obviously if you divide that space into two levels, what is left is pretty useless. On the other hand, if you have space for a much larger island, a two-level island is more plausible.


How will it be used?

There are many typical uses for the kitchen island. If your main goal for your kitchen island is food preparation, then a single level island will definitely suffice, and most likely be preferable to a two-level island.

Another use of an island may be for seating. In this case, the type of seating you want will need to be considered. You may desire normal size chairs around your island. Although these are often more comfortable than bar stools, an island low enough for this kind of seating is lower than a normal preparation area, and a two-level island would be



A final thing to be considered is how you want the island to look in your kitchen. As a room divider, you may to hide the preparation area, in which case a higher seating area above the main preparation area may be desired, providing a very attractive room divider.

Whichever option you choose, an island can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. If you choose the size and style which perform the functions you need, you will have an island that you will always enjoy.

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